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Action Assist is an innovative online subscription offering which provides organisations with a secure encrypted web-based platform for the management of operational processes and data storage on the internet. The tool reduces the administration burden on stakeholders in the day to day operational running of the organisation and clearly assigns responsibility and accountability to all users.


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Action Assist can help your organisation in:

Complaints Management

Complaints Assist facilitates organisational management of complaints. Complaints can be received by one or more staff m...

Case Management

Case Assist assists organisations with the management and clearing of various types of investigations. The identified ca...

Performance Management - Organisational

Organisational Performance Assist facilitates the management of organisational performance on a monthly or quarterly bas...

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Date Module Update
14 Oct 2018 System Reports The Server Uptime / Outages Report has been updated to accommodate a new integration method from the service provider (Alertra). A statistical snapshot has also been added showing the Outages, Downtime and Uptime over various time periods.
14 Oct 2018 IDP (v3) Minor user interface changes to the New section.
09 Oct 2018 Individual Performance 2017/2018 & 2018/2019 A new "Feedback View" page is now available in the Assessments section.
12 Aug 2018 Individual Performance 2018/2019 Individual Performance for the 2018/2019 financial year is now available (version PM4). This version sees many upgrades from the priod year version including, amongst others:
- Scorecards are now linked to Employee Jobs (as defined in the Employee Assist module) which allows the new scorecards to be created more easily if an employee changes jobs within the organisation;
- View All user access has been added to allow the Performance Manager to review all employee scorecards;
- Printing of scorecards has been made more user friendly with certain system elements now hiding when a scorecard is printed along with the addition of a space for the employee and their manager to sign the scorecard;
Further updates are planned in the coming months.
12 Aug 2018 My Profile The Shortcuts section of the My Profile page has been updated to more clearly define the purpose of the "Display all shortcuts" tick box which governs the size of the shortcuts box on the front page action dashboard. The tick box has been renamed to "Limit Shortcuts box to only display 1 row at a time" and the default setting has been changed from the limited display (limit shortcuts box to 1 row) to display all (set shortcuts box to be big enough to display all selected shortcuts).
12 Aug 2018 General Fixed a bug in the Print Page link in the footer.
29 Jul 2018 IDP (v3) Functionality has been added to allow the IDP financial year / forecast years to be adjusted. To access this function go to New > Create and click the Edit button for the relevant IDP.
06 May 2018 Employee Assist The Manage > Edit section has been updated to display terminated employees as well as active employees. A "Restore" option has also been added to allow for terminated employees to be restored.
22 Apr 2018 SDBIP v5B (2016/2017 & 2017/2018) Functionality has been added to the Assurance function to allow for additional users to be notified when a KPI update has been rejected. To activate this functionality, use the Setup > Departmental Administrators page to assign "Assurance Emails" user access to the relevant user.
11 Mar 2018 Individual Performance (v3) Functionality has been added to allow the Bonus Scale to be customised.
11 Mar 2018 Legislation Library A new module, Legislation Library, is now available. The module integrates with Risk Assist 2 but will be integrated with other modules over time. Please contact your Business Partner for more information.
11 Mar 2018 Risk Assist 2 The latest version of our Risk Assist module, version 2, is now available. Please contact your Business Partner for more information.
01 Mar 2018 mSCOA Library The mSCOA Library module is now available. The module forms part of the new Performance Suite that is rolling out during 2018. Please contact your Business Partner for more information.
21 Jan 2018 Employee Assist A new module, Employee Assist (version code EMP1), has been added to all databases. This module will now handle all employment related information which has been removed from the Master Setups and User management modules.
14 Jan 2018 SDBIP v5B A new KPI calculation type has been added: Reverse Accumulative. This calculation type calculates the Overall Target & Actual in the same way as Accumulative but determines the result in the same way as Reverse Stand-alone (i.e. Actual < Target is preferred).
31 Dec 2017 SDBIP v5B Functionality has been added to allow the KPI results categories (KPI Met etc) to be customized.
29 Oct 2017 SDBIP v5B A KPI Update Status feature has been added to all SDBIP years running version 5B or later (2016 onwards). This feature allows the user to indicate whether they are finished updating a specific KPI for the specified time period. Only once the update has been marked as complete will the KPI fall out of the user's action dashboard. The default starting value (initially set to "Yes") can be changed in the Setup > Defaults > Module Setup section.

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